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The great work. The library of the crone. The history of the Circle. The Archive.


What the Archive is

Many names have described this thing. Thing; indeed it is a more than just a place of dusty shelves and old forgotten books. It is a living growing work that has taken upon itself a life of it's own. It is a collection of the history of the covenant.

Journals, annecdotes, memories, artifacts, biographies, lies, truths, and all things inbetween are recorded by the scribes of the covenant. The great work is more than just a collection of who is who. It is a way for the covenant to understand the aspect of themselves, of the crone, and of what they are in general.

How did we start? Who started us? A collection of Vampires who held shared belief's.. but who were we before that? Who was the crone?

The Lancea Sanctum state that vampires did not start until Longinus was cursed, but the Crone believe differently. We hold to the ancient myths that every culture have and point to those myths and records as to those who came before the cross.

Sadly, the records predating the time upon golgotha are few, fragmented and in some cases untranslateable. But the work continues.

Who started it

No one really knows who started it. It is known that certain Heirophants, elders and scribes in the Mediteranian area started collecting information on the members sometime after the death of christ, but to the common acolyte, no date can be assigned. Perhaps the elders and leaders of the covenant know, but they aren't telling.

Where is it

The true location of the work is unknown to the general populace. Many libraries have been made, by indivdiual acolytes, coteries, and the like but none of these are where the true Archive is located. Rumors abound that it is not just one place but many, or that it is not a physical thing but something within the spirit world, or that it is instead a great spell that holds the spirits of the founders of the covenant within, and they hold the information another is that it is not a what, but a who, one aged kindred who has the memories of the entire covenant within it's sleeping mind. Whatever it truly is, many just assume it is a large library.

How does one record their information

There are many scribes throughout the world, but the one who works specifically for this endeavour is Lucian Laforgeron, known as the Archivist to the Circle. (ooc note, more pc's will be added when they become known as archivists.)

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